Boonville Barn Collective - Whole Dried Guajillo Chiles


Whole Dried Guajillo Chiles

These California grown Guajillo chiles have a mild and mellow heat with a touch of fruitiness. They add rich red color to stews and are a classic addition in Mexican cooking. Sun ripened throughout the season, these chiles were hand harvested in November 2022 and dried whole. Each 2oz bag contains approximately 7 chiles.

About Boonville Barn Collective

Farm to Jar chile powder is the foundation of the Boonville Barn Collective. There’s no middlemen, no international supply chains, and no co-packers - just quality, hard to find chile powders from a husband and wife duo and their farm in the small town of Boonville, CA. Their main spice? California grown Espelette pepper known as Piment d’Ville. Krissy & Gideon run one of the few farms in the United States that domestically produces single origin spices. Nestled in the heart of Mendocino County’s wine producing Anderson Valley, their land is farmed with organic growing practices. What started as a way to produce a locally grown Espelette chile powder for restaurant kitchens has evolved into a venture focused on building community and growing great spices. The Boonville Barn Collective believes in the power of bringing people together around the dinner table and sharing great food.

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