Brave Brown Bag - Original Market Sac, Maxi


Brave Brown Bag - Original Market Sac, Maxi

Elegant utility in weathered waxed cotton. Award winning design by Charlotte McQ. Looks just like classic paper grocery sac right down to its pinked edge. Lightweight. Durable. Inside: pocket, water resistant finish and removable base. Hand carry with comfortable grip. With use waxed cotton will soften with creases. Each color will develop its own unique patina.

15"H x 12"W x 7"D Hand carry

100% waxed cotton reinforced with upcycled sailcloth

Inside pocket, water resistant finish, removable base, wax cord with snap hook

Archetypal grocery sac, foodies market tote, everyday travel bag, holds laptop, books, art/project bag

Brave. Brown. Bag.
Designer Charlotte McKeough, careful to preserve the paper bag aesthetic, has added a touch of "bravery", making our wax cotton carryall built to last, right down to its pinked edge.

Caring for your BBB
Our Waxed Cotton
Your Brave Brown Bag has character! Creases and crinkles are natural to BBB waxed cotton. With use, each carryall will develop its own personality!

For normal care, simply wipe with a damp cloth. For a thorough cleaning, remove inside base, hand wash in warm water and hang to dry. Restore the wax finish with our favorite waxed cotton cleaner, Montana Pitch Blend (available at most shoe repair stores).

We have found that customers become attached to their BBB's Upon buying a new one, they would also like to have their old favorite rejuvenated. A day at the BBB spa! For a BBB wash and wax treatment, call 519-220-0451 or email for instructions. Approximately $15 -$35 plus return shipping.

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