Brooklyn Haberdashery - Tiny Sewing Box - Red Lacquer


Sewing BoxA tiny sewing box packed with Ishikawa region's uniqueness!

The wooden box cradles the following exquisite items: 

  • 2 colors of sewing thread on wooden spools that fit perfectly in the box
  • The tiniest pin cushion -- only 1 cm! -- made of vintage shibori-dyed silk
  • 2 easy-thread sewing needles that are a specialized needle to allows the thread to pass through the needle hole by simply putting a thread in the groove on the needle and pushing it. 
  • A plum-shaped magnet that holds a tiny thread snips, which are the smallest stainless steel scissors in Japan with a total length of 45 mm. They have excellent sharpness.

The surface of the paulownia box has a luxurious lacquer finish. This is Yamanaka-nuri and it is available in two paint colors, vermilion and black. It's soft to the touch and will last for decades. 

HIRO Co., Ltd., is a company with over 85 years of experience in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The company collaborate with Kanazawa-based artisans to create the contemporary and playful products for daily life using with the multiple traditional crafts inherited in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, such as the Kutani porcelain and Yamanaka Lacquerware.

About Brooklyn Haberdashery

Our Ethos. We seek fair trade, natural materials, and sustainability — not because it’s a fad, but because that’s simply the way things make sense to us.

Our Suppliers. Just like Brooklyn Haberdashery, many of our suppliers are themselves very small businesses. We know each one personally, have visited many of their workshops, and our partnership with them is an investment in their talents. In a society that favors low prices above all else, we know we are going against the grain. And we're okay with that. We want to live in a world that elevates skilled artisans doing ironwork, leatherwork, and glasswork...and also wood bending, bladesmithing, and ceramics. As makers, we want our hand crafts appreciated. As a business, we feel responsible and privileged to support other makers by offering their hand-crafted tools and supplies to you. 

Our Team. The team of people we employ, whom we affectionately called the haberdashers, represent our Brooklyn community -- all are talented makers in their own right. Among their many talents, we count: crochet pattern design, wood working, garment sewing, industrial design, and costume production. 

Our Impact. We give our time and money to several organizations who make our world a better place. They include: Social Justice Sewing Academy, FabScrap, Anchal Project, and The Trevor Project. Our studio is powered by solar. Our shipping materials are recycled and/or recyclable. We are a work in progress, but we constantly seek a more fair and just society. 

Our Founder. Kristin Axtman, hails from a long line of makers and do-it-yourselfers who instilled in her a North Dakotan pioneer spirit. Kristin has continually made things--from the timber frame house she designed and built with her husband, down to the annual handmade holiday cards.  

For most of her professional life, she was an Organizational Development Consultant, using behavioral psychology to re-design organizations. Kristin’s zest for life experience has landed her working in positions varying from Head of School to Deckhand, with a few stops in between as Sea Kayak Instructor, Book Editor, Prison Work Crew Supervisor, and Fresca Girl. She launched Brooklyn Haberdashery in 2016.

When she sets down her needle and thread, Kristin can be found eating her way through the world, combing flea markets, and with her husband, gardening and renovating their brownstone. They live with their teenager in Brooklyn, New York.


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