Canvas Home - Como 5 Piece Cutlery Set in Matte Gold


Crafted in Italy by artisans who have be forging flatware for over a century, Our Como flatware features a contemporary design with clean lines and bold round edges fit for any table setting. 

Made in Italy
Material: Stainless Steel (18/10) with gold titanium plating.
Color: Matte Gold

Available in sets of 1 place setting.
Place setting includes one of each:
Salad fork
Dinner Fork
Dinner Knife
Overall Dimensions

Salad Fork: 7.25"L x 0.75"W
Dinner Fork: 8.25"L x 1.0"W
Dinner Knife: 9.0"L x 0.7"W
Tablespoon: 7.50"L x 1.50"W
Teaspoon: 5.25"L x 1.0"W
General Care

Hand washing: We recommend hand washing of our cutlery. Wash immediately after use with hot water, mild dish-washing detergent, and a non-abrasive sponge. Rise and dry with a soft cloth.

Dish-washing: Rinse off all food particles immediately after use. Load knives together, handle-end down. Load forks and spoons separately from knives, handle-end down. Refrain from overloading dishwasher and combining stainless steel flatware with other types of flatware, and gold or silver plated items. Run dishwasher with mild dish-washing detergent. At completion of wash cycle, remove flatware immediately and dry with a soft cloth.

Do not leave cutlery to air dry or permanent spotting may occur.
Made in Italy


Canvas was founded in 2007 and has been consistent to its core mission ever since: elegance through simplicity and function. Simplicity sustains your interest and love in the things you use every day – the more you love them, the longer you keep them. Function is paramount and without it, nothing can have a lasting place in your home. These guiding principles, combined with our passion for things that have been made by hand, means the use of centuries-old skills and techniques is behind everything that we offer. We’re not about making heirlooms for your cupboards, but rather, considered objects for your considered home. Highlights: We partnered with the non-profit organization, Aid to Artisans. We have worked with many of the artisans that have received help through their many development projects. We also have funded the canvas home/ATA Small Grants Fund since 2010. Alongside our original designs, we love to collaborate and have enjoyed working some of the best potters and product designers in the business. We always say that we certainly don’t have a monopoly on good design; working with other talented makers is refreshing and inspiring. Some of our most exciting collaborations have been with the legendary Barbara Eigen, Maxwell Ryan- founder of Apartment Therapy, Linda Bloomfield, and Daniel Smith. We expanded into Europe and opened a small showroom in Clerkenwell, London. We have a warehouse in Bristol and continue to serve the leading retailers in Europe the UK

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