Castelvetrano Olives


Bring the taste of Sicily to your dinner table with Castelvetrano olives, Italy’s number one table snack. With meaty, tender flesh and a mild, buttery flavor, Italian Castelvetrano olives melt in your mouth, making them seriously snack-able in the world of olives. Named after a town in Southwestern Italy, these olives are nutty, velvety, and delightfully sweet, which is why they are called dolce (Italian for sweet) olives in Italy.

The quintessential Italian snack from the Trapani region, they are cured in a lightly salted brine, which consists of a combination of extra virgin olive oil, water, and sea salt. A Nocerella del Belice olive cultivar, Castelvetrano olives are grown in the Valle del Belice, the fertile valley of olive groves situated on the western side of Sicily. The fruit is grown for table olives and premium quality olive oil.The distinct bright green hue will catch your eye first, but don't expect Cerignolas. These Sicilian castelvetrano olives have a meaty, buttery soft flesh and mild, briny flavor. Eminently compatible with fatty pork products like cured Crespone.

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