Christophe Pourny Studio - Leather Serum


Serum can be used topically on cracked and damaged leather to stop damage and bring back to life dry stiff leather. It moisturizes or revitalizes textured leather chairs, sofas, jackets, boots, etc. Cream can moisturize or protect smooth skin leathers – pillows, handbags, shoes, etc. It can be buffed to a shine both can help remove salt stains on shoes or boots. Always test small area of light/bright colored leathers. 2oz vial and jar.
Made in United States of America

About Christophe Pourny

Christophe grew up in his parents antique store in the South of France. After moving to New York, he opened a studio of antique restoration. For over 20 years, the studio has been a destination for projects involving fine finishes and antiques of all types. We created a collection of all natural care Tonics, Serums, Waxes, and Creams to care for most wood and leather surfaces in your home.

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