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Bluebird Grain Farms

Organic Whole Grain Emmer & Einkorn
Our signature ancient grains are organically produced, always sun cured, grown by our team of farmers, and 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density. We store them in the hull and clean, de-hull and package it to order right here on our farm in Winthrop, WA.


Einkorn is an ancient grain powerhouse that brings conviction to your meal. It’s easy to cook; just simmer it in stock or water for 25-30 minutes covered, strain, and prepare hot or cold. It’s delicious in grain salads, soups, and pilafs, or try it as an ancient grain substitute for brown rice or quinoa. Einka® is Bluebird Grain Farms own brand of einkorn products- our Einka® einkorn is always organically produced, grown by our team of family farmers in eastern Washington, and 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density.

Like emmer and spelt, einkorn is a type of farro; an Italian term for “ancient hulled wheat.” It is a petite whole grain berry; rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamin B6, potassium, antioxidants and amino acids. It contains natural carotenoids that are commonly found in vegetables. Einkorn has a low gluten content which is reflective of its simple chromosome count of 14. Many people with gluten sensitivities can easily digest einkorn with no allergic effects (it does contain some gluten so is not suitable for people with Celiac Disease). 1 lb.


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