Crown Linen Designs - Happy Birthday Linen Flower Bag


Crown Linen Designs

Enjoy this wonderful and ecologically green jute flower bag embroidered with "Happy Birthday". Bag comes lined so it wont leak water, a drawstring top and perfectly fits a standard 6" pot. What a great way to spruce up a gift.

Grey pinstripe with green lettering

Made in Ukraine


Crown Linen Designs founder, Victoria Fanning, believes that every person’s life should be filled with beauty.  Beautiful things elevate, inspire and stir us.  They instill a sense of gratitude and ignite a sense of wonder.

Linen is among the most exquisite things found in nature. It is beautiful to the eye and beautiful to the touch. Made from flax fibers, linen fabrics date back nearly ten thousand years.  Ancient Egyptians considered linen a symbol of affluence, health, purity and light.

100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, linen requires no irrigation in the growing process.  It is durable and can last generations becoming softer and shinier with each washing.  More and more environmentally and cost conscious consumers choose linen towels and napkins over paper or cotton products. 

Crown Linen Designs was founded in 2014.  Based in Kirkland, WA, we work with linen producers and embroidery artists in Eastern Europe in creating exquisite linen pieces for the table, kitchen, bed and bath.  Unique and beautiful, our pieces are also very affordable, allowing everyone the opportunity to bring added beauty to their home.

Eastern Europe produces some of the world’s finest linen and the art of embroidery is very much a part of the region’s cultural identity.  The care and devotion they bring to each piece is truly extraordinary.

Crown Linen Designs redefines how you will think about linen. No longer your grandmother’s linen, our pieces offer the classic, timeless features of linen in elegant and contemporary designs. 

Crown Linens arrive beautifully packaged. Our unrelenting attention to detail ensures the highest quality pieces that you are proud to own or present  as a gift. 

Beyond being pleasing to the sight, touch or other sense, beauty is also defined as being “pleasing to one’s intellectual or moral sense.”  A key motivation for starting Crown Linen Designs was to provide economic opportunities to the gallant people of Eastern Europe.  A key part of our mission is to help bring beauty to their lives as well.

Simply put: WE LOVE LINEN.  We want to bring it to every home in a way that enriches people’s lives. 


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