Daitou Shingu - Sweat Samue Robe (Chambre de D Kyoto


A robe made with sweat fabric and recycled cotton. (Unisex)

Inspired by the traditional Japanese SAMUE garment, this robe is designed to elevate your relaxation experience and comfort.

The inner lining of the robe uses a brushed-back sweat fabric, which combines softness and absorbency. For the exterior, the fabric is soft to the touch with a high-quality finish.

The functionality of the fabric makes this robe perfect for the autumn season and slightly colder days. Adding a little bit of a design flair, 5 seam lines run through the collar of the robe. After a bath or a shower, wearing this robe will help your skin to feel freshened up. Not limited to the setting of a home, this robe is also perfect as a half coat or a cardigan for a casual outing.

In efforts to promote the SDGs, the Sweat Samue Robe uses a sustainable material that contains recycled cotton.

Made in Japan.
100% Cotton (Containing Recycled Cotton)

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