Dr. Hohl's - Recipe 1779 Apple Cider Vinegar w/ Honey


Feeling good and enjoyment

Two old folk remedies are being rediscovered & recombined: 60% of the best organic apple cider vinegar (direct juice, unpasteurized, with vinegar nut) and 40% of the finest Bioland beekeeping honey.

Daily: 1-2 tbsp recipe 1779 per 200 ml of water is the ideal start to the day. Sober, with meals, in between — especially regularly: tastes good and does good.

The balanced sweet-sour harmony of the manufactured product REZPETUR 1779 naturally refines many dishes, smoothies and even water.

Delicious favorite flavor: As a super-fast basic salad dressing or as a natural “flavor enhancer”, an all-rounder in every kitchen for almost every dish.

Hand-filled & hand-packed with a lot of care!

Tip: As a genuine natural product without additives, valuable lees can settle — please shake it up.


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