Dr. Hohl's - BioEss Naturally Cloudy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Vegan


100% natural from Germany | DEACIDIfying, PURIGING, LOSING WEIGHT

DR. HÖHL'S BIOESS Apple cider vinegar naturally cloudy is carefully produced from valuable direct juice from whole German organic apples freshly picked from traditional orchards, vegan and free of additives.

Organic apple cider vinegar impresses with its mildly aromatic pure taste. It is ideal for cure & seasoning. Tip: For 1 glass of regulating drinks, add 1-2 tsp of DR. HÖHL'S BIOESS to 200 ml of water, naturally cloudy.

Because it is unfiltered, it contains valuable debris that can be dissolved by lovingly shaking it before use.

All DR. HÖHL'S BIOESS apple vinegars are made without sulphurous acid, preservatives and dyes.

Tip: Also available in “clear”

Ingredients: 100% organic apple cider vinegar made from direct juice, from whole local orchard apples — nothing else!
Made in Germany

0.5 Liter

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