Ferris Wheel Press - The Scribe Ballpoint Pen


Ferris Wheel Press expands their stationery universe with a gorgeous new ballpoint pen. Continuing on their mission to inspire the world to Fall in Love with Writing

Again, this stunning addition to the collection is set to become a timeless classic in contemporary writing tools. The Scribe ballpoint pen celebrates writing with a fanciful design that shows a clear commitment to form, as well as high quality function. With its robust construction and vibrant colours, the Scribe will become your favourite daily pen, and a fittingly fancy heirloom.

The Scribe is precisely crafted from copper and shaped into a comfortably rounded square body. The brass ring at the pen tip hovers over your words as you write, and a plated steel clip that mirrors the Ferris Wheel Press banner proudly drapes down the barrel. Ferris Wheel Press’ iconic hexagonal shape is carried out in the most stunning detail of the pen, the brass crown. The crown rotates to engage the pen, and it is intricately engraved to echo the mechanics of a printing press – a nod to Ferris Wheel Press’ history in printmaking.


Meaningful work deserves beautiful tools. Created for a world in need of imagination, and as an icon on every desk. This dazzling instrument begs to be picked up everyday and will be the inspiration to your next brilliant idea.


  • Copper Lacquered Body
  • Black German Archival Ink Refill
  • Comfortable Rounded Square Body
  • "The Scribe" engraving
  • Steel Plated Clip
  • Signature brass crown turning mechanism

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