HOPE + MARY Gold Bee Dessert Plate


7.5” diameter

Handmade porcelain plate with hand drawn illustrations, painted with 14 karat gold luster.

"striving to make objects that are useful and beautiful.

all handmade porcelain made with love."


I came to Chattanooga by way of Chicago, IL, and Augusta, GA, where I taught art in the inner-city, painted portraits, and worked hard every day to be a good mom to my two amazing children. I grew up in Hockessin, DE a tiny suburb in the country outside of Wilmington, DE. 

My mother is Mary. She died in 2011. She was, and still is, my most cherished creative partner. 

As a student at the University of Colorado (where I had two stints, one for a BA in Anthropology, and later to get my teaching certification in Art Education) I fell in love with painting and ceramics. Both offer ways for me to explore beauty in simplicity, function and the human experience. 

I strive to make objects that enhance the ordinary of everyday life and bring pleasure, beauty and presence.

Each piece is hand made and unique. I use a Korean technique called mishima to create images on my pieces. Each image is hand drawn onto the surface of the clay with a needle tool. After I am finished with the drawing, I will cover the piece with black slip. Once the slip is dry, I carefully wipe away the excess slip leaving behind the drawn image.

My hope is that I create work that brings beauty and delight into everyday function and experiences.


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