IRIS HANTVERK - Dustpan & Brush Set Grey


Dustpan and brush set in beech, horse hair and plastic.

Weight 340 g
Length 39 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 10 cm

Handmade in Sweden


In 1870, a small brush manufacturing company started in Stockholm and still thrives today. The core of Iris Hantverk's business is a brush binding operation where visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures have been making brushes according to an old Swedish tradition for decades.

Handmade in Sweden from oiled maple and horsehair, this handheld bath brush from Iris Hantverk features a comfortably-shaped handle. Soft and pliable yet very durable, horsehair bristles are ideal for bathing brushes; they create a luxurious lather when paired with good soap.


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