Knapp - Cast Iron Wax


- We created the CM Scrubber 6” to accompany CM Scrubber 4” to enhance your cast iron experience. A Triple Threat

- The perfect tool for your cast iron, stainless steel, and hard anodized cookware. Less Work, More Coverage

- With a larger surface area and smaller rings, you can confidently get into small grooves and corners. No More Plastics and Detergents

- No more plastic scrubbers or harsh detergents - you can trust Knapp Made's CM Scrubber 6" to handle any mess.

About Knapp Made

Our Story Our business was founded by Larry Knapp on a very simple idea. We design kitchen products that we would like to have. Then we search out the best craftsmanship we can find to produce the products. When we know we've got it right, production begins and then out to the cooks and kitchens of America. We've been at it since 2011. We are known for inventing the superior quality chainmail scrubber designed specifically for cast iron and have since launched a top selling line of top quality products for the kitchen. Our Philosophy Satisfied customers are a result of personal service and a quality product. Please get in touch at any time with comments and questions, or just to say hello and maybe share a recipe. We look forward to hearing from you. Unconditional Guarantee Get a lifetime of service from your finest cookware with our 100% lifetime guarantee. We will replace or repair your CM Scrubber at any time, for any reason. Values: Quality, Craftsmanship

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