Lazy Poet - Robes



LOLA - Short Robe

100% LINEN

A soft, lightweight comfort kimono to feel cozy at home.

Relaxed fit, lightweight soft touch premium fabric, removable tie belt and side pockets.

SOPHIE - Long Robe

100% LINEN

A long relaxed kimono, side slits, belt, three quarter sleeve, perfect to lounge at home and great to go out !

Lightweight soft touch premium fabric .

A staple in your closet !




In creating an ode to those states of inspiration that flourish in idleness and leisure, we believe in the power of laziness. That is why we are a luxury sleepwear brand made for travelers, poets artists and marvelous dreamers
We create for lazy poets that harness relaxation to creation and that also invest in sustainable clothing instead of disposable pieces that contribute to our planet’s contamination.
We believe in the luxury of softness, the pleasurable effects of fabrics such as linen and cotton, the lightweight quality of textiles that create connection to clothes. Sewn with the French seam technique, our pajamas are also biodegradable and decompose as they reach their useful life.

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