Masienda x Hayden Tortilla Flour Blend


A taco is only as good as the tortilla that holds it together. And, as abuelas have known for centuries, the key to achieving a pliable, pillowy tortilla is that perfect tortilla puff.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Masienda (the heirloom corn experts) to produce a Tortilla Flour that “tortilla puff” dreams are made of. Our Tortilla Flour combines a 50/50 blend of Olotillo Blanco heirloom corn and White Sonora heritage wheat.

Your homemade tacos will never be the same again!

Ancient Grain | Freshly Milled | Non-GMO

Ingredients: White Sonora Flour, Olotillo Blanco (White) Corn Masa, Trace of Lime.

Allergens: Contains Wheat. Manufactured on equipment shared with eggs and milk.

Do not consume raw.

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