Morihata - Okaeri Chopsticks


Premium bamboo chopsticks in beautiful, compact packaging

The Okaeri brand comprises award-winning chopsticks crafted by Yamachiku's artisans from sustainably harvested Moso bamboo. Each pair is housed in an elegant case made with recycled materials and topped with two eye-catching red tips that, when viewed together, are designed to symbolize infinity - a nod to Yamachiku's commitment to sustainability. Makes an excellent gift for any occasion. Also available in three smaller sizes.

Winner of numerous accolades, including a 2021 ADC Award, a 2020 Gold Award from Omotenashi Nippon, and recognition from TOPAWARDS ASIA.

Learn more about the Yamachiku collection in this video introduction.

Materials: Bamboo
Dimensions: 23 cm (approx. 9") in length
Care: Hand wash gently and air dry. Do not put in dishwasher.
Kumamoto, Japan


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