Naawrap Adan's Kaya Shawl



Adan’s Kaya Shawls were born from a collaboration of two regions in Japan known for their World Heritage Sites, Nara and Amami Oshima. Woven using traditional Japanese methods in Nara, these shawls are ultra soft and durable. The fibers are carefully hand-dyed in Amami Oshima using a 100% natural technique of plants and mud dyeing technique. The name Adan is inspired by a beautiful tropical tree that appears in a famous painting from Amami Oshima. Size - Regular 30 x 67 inches (76 x 170cm) - Large 63 x 67 inches (160 x 170cm) 6 color options available


• Made in Japan • Weight: 4.06 oz (115 g)

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