Oliviers & Co - Penarubia Oil


Pago de Penarrubia is a family project whose desire is to produce an exceptional extra virgin olive oil that reflects all the richness of the southwestern Spain lands. Juan Olivares Fernandez passionately manages this estate of 150 hectares of olive groves, and loves to share his experience and his love of olive trees. Thanks to its know-how, the olive trees develop the best olives which give an exquisite taste to this typical Spanish oil.
The Arbequina, composing 100% oil, is a hardy variety, very resistant to cold and dry. It is these small and round fruits that give birth to this unctuous olive oil, which translates into finesse and sweetness in the mouth.

You will appreciate this olive oil with a floral and delicate taste profile with notes of olive blossom, hawthorn, dry grass

Food Pairings: Watermelon-feta salad, veggie risotto, roast chicken with honey, pistachio madeleines.

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