Olympia Provisions - Artisan Salami


Loukanika is the Greek word for sausage, however we associate it with this particular salami. It was developed in 2009 as a thank-you present from Eli (our founder) to Michelle (our co-founder and Eli's sister) to thank her for helping work with the USDA. What was supposed to be a one-time gift was then entered into the Good Food Awards, and sure enough, it won!  Greek style salami with vivid flavors of cumin, garlic, and hints of orange zest. Based on the family recipe of Salumist, Elias Cairo. 

Saucisson Sec - Classic French style salami seasoned with fresh garlic and cracked black pepper.

Chorizo Rioja - Indulge in the authentic flavors of the Rioja region with our traditional Spanish-style salami. Crafted to perfection, this savory delight combines the richness of sweet and smoked paprika, the robust earthiness of garlic, and the aromatic essence of oregano. It's a true representation of the classic Spanish chorizo, featuring the renowned Pimentón de la Vera for that unmistakable smoky sweetness.  This is our homage to time-honored traditions to deliver the most genuine taste of Spain, making this salami a culinary journey you won't want to miss.

Finocchiona - Traditional Italian style salami with garlic, black pepper, & fennel.Named after its main flavor component (fennel), this is one of Tuscany’s oldest and most loved pork products.

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