Opinel - No. 9 Folding Oyster Knife


The blade is short, robust and cuts only at the tip. The tip, centered in relation to the knife's axis facilitates easy oyster opening. The oyster shucking knife is perfect because it folds away nicely for storage making it perfect for boats, pockets and other tight spaces. The padouk wood handle is ergonomic and is resistant to swelling in humid environments.
  • - Dull Stainless Steel Blade

    - Limited Lifetime Warranty

    - Lightweight, folding design

    - Highly anti-corrosive blade

    - Made in France



    The first OPINEL knife was manufactured in 1890 in the French Alps. Since its creation, the folding pocket knife with a wooden handle is now famous throughout the world. Thanks to its simplicity and quality finish, this knife has become a timeless icon. Over the decades and to meet new needs, its designers have created different sizes, with foldable or fixed blades. It has however kept the spirit of the original knife!

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