Perfect Peel - Pizza/Serving Board


Our Perfect Peels are proudly made with real hardwood harvested in the midwest and manufactured exclusively in the USA. We never produce products to “mimic the look of wood” only natural Basswood, Cherry or Maple is used for the beauty and unique wood-grain that each species provides.  12" or 16"
Size: 12"x14"x22".

Handle: 8".
Size: 16"x18"x26".

Handle: 8".
Wood: Cherry.

Our handsanding creates a smooth luster finish, and a beveled edged paddle for ease of use.
Pizza Peel handcrafted by the Baker's board in Appleton, WI USA
Wooden serving boards Should never be submersed in water! After each use we recommend scraping debris with plastic spatula, wiping with damp cloth and air drying. Food-grade mineral oil should be applied often to keep the wood from drying out and assist in repelling moisture.

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