Primary Beans - Cannellini Beans


All the goodness of your favorite Italian white bean, but with a silky texture and luscious broth that can’t be beat. Cannellini is very versatile in the kitchen – just don’t skimp on the olive oil!

Net weight: 1 lb (454 g)
Grown by: M&M Heath Farms, Idaho, USA
Harvested: Oct 2022
Packed: Jan 2023
Best enjoyed: Oct 2024

About Primary Beans - The truth is, we’re obsessed with beans. We’re fifth-generation Arizonans from a small town on the Mexican border. Like any border town kids, we grew up around the culture and flavors of Northern Mexico. Early on, we developed a deep appreciation for beans and were the kids asking for “no rice, only beans please” at the local restaurant.

Beans are a protein staple in so many countries, yet at home in the US, we’re barely scratching the surface of all they have to offer. Recently harvested, super flavorful beans are difficult to come by, and we're simultaneously searching everywhere for climate-friendly sources of protein.

We created Primary Beans to deepen our connection to the food we eat and the land it comes from. Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, it’s a chance to expand your horizons without leaving your dinner table. And at our dinner table, everyone’s invited.

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