Rancho Meladuco - ORGANIC Mixed Size Loose Pack Medjool Dates


A loose packed box of our delicious, caramely medium to large sized dates! These are the same great tasting dates, but smaller in size than the dates we include in our signature hand-packed boxes. They are too nice to lump with our Grinders (which are typically the dry, small, or imperfect looking dates), so we’ve given them their own box and are now making these available separately! There are approximately 18 dates per 1 lb box. Unpitted. Box measures 4.75in x 6in x 2.25in.

Treat friends and family to a bounty of organic Medjool dates, handpicked on California’s Rancho Meladuco Farm. The farm is located in the date-growing mecca at the north end of the Salton Sea and boasts more than 200 trees that produce coveted large, sweet Medjool dates. The dates are perfect for serving on a cheese board, packing for hikes and providing delicious, nutritious snacks for kids and adults alike.

  • Available in 1 LB boxes.
  • USDA-certified organic, California-grown Medjool dates have a delicious brown sugar, caramel flavor with a velvety, chewy texture.
  • Product of California, USA.

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