Siete Foods - Maiz Blue Corn Tortilla Chips


With our mission to have something for everyone and there being so many different types of corn, we thought, “why not make a blue corn tortilla chip?” It looks like the medianoche night sky and tastes like a dream! So, once we sourced delicious avocado oil & organic blue corn kernels, it was really just a chip off the old block.

Corn is an ingredient that's been used throughout our culture for ages. Which is why our family thinks of it as a “salt of the earth” ingredient, right up there with avocado, and—well,salt, for that matter. So we put all three of these ingredients together—organic white and yellow corn, avocado oil, and sea salt—and got these delicious and crunchy corn tortilla chips. With the perfect ratio of chip to salt, there’s nothing left to be salty about—except, maybe, when you run out…

• Made in United States
7.5 oz.

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