Teroforma - One Part Infusion Blend for Alcohol & Spirits


We believe it should be easy for anyone to make a great drink.  So we created all-natural 1pt Infusion Blends, which quickly combine with the spirit of your choice and a few kitchen pantry ingredients, to create simple bar-worthy cocktails that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family at home. 

The trick to simple delicious cocktails is rapid infusion. 1pt makes it very, very easy. Just follow these simple instructions and you're on your way to the perfect cocktail!

What You Need
a 1pt Blend Packet
375ml of spirits (half a standard bottle)
A jar, pitcher, bowl, measuring cup, or any lidded vessel that holds at least 375ml of liquid (our 1pt Infusion Kit is purpose built for this)
What You Do
Open the 1pt Blend Packet and empty ALL of the contents into your vessel
Add your 375ml of spirits to that same vessel and set a timer for the Infusion Time it tells you on the back of the 1pt Blend Packet
When time's up, use a strainer to strain the now-infused spirit liquid into a suitable bottle (again, our 1pt Bar Bottle+ is the perfect thing but you can use any bottle you like), discard the used infusion blend material, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails
That's It - You're done. Now just follow the simple cocktail recipe to make your infused cocktail And enjoy!

Sample our original 7 infusion blends, a half bottle at a time! Infuses in just 2-6 hours to make simple and delicious craft cocktails at-home! This classic sampler pack contains single packets of our Citrus, Mint, Floral, Chili, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Smoky infusions and enough blend material to infuse half of a standard bottle of spirits each – just right for an introduction to 1pt. 1pt cocktail recipes included inside. Blended in USA.
Made in United States of America

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