Tombow -Irojiten Colored Pencil Set, Vivid - 12 Pack


Premium colored pencils crafted with hard, dense lead for precise details and sharp lines. Perfectly centered lead core is adhered throughout the wood casing for break resistant, evenly sharpened lead. Strong pigment for deep color saturation that stays crisp and vibrant when blending and layering. White enamel finish offers a comfortable, fatigue free surface when holding for long periods. Colored pencil eraser cleanly removes colored pencil markings and can be used to create highlights. Set includes 12 colored pencils, sharpener and colored pencil eraser. Available in two pre-sorted color selections – Vivid and Tranquil.

  • Set includes 12 colored pencils, sharpener and colored pencil eraser
  • Premium colored pencils with elegant enamel finish
  • Eraser cleanly removes colored pencil markings


    Tombow is today’s market leader for art, crafts, school and office products. Serving consumers and businesses around the globe, Tombow was established in Japan in 1913 as a wood-case pencil provider for Japanese students. Since these beginnings, we have upheld a history of unparalleled customer service.

    Tombow has grown the company’s portfolio to a worldwide provider of art markers, liquid glue and adhesive tape, fine writing pens, correction tape, drawing pencils, colored pencils and erasers manufactured in facilities located in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Worldwide operating divisions distribute Tombow branded products in their respective geographies.

    Our Mission

    Through our products, Tombow is redefining common practices and traditions to offer customer excitement and satisfaction.

    Our Committment to Diversity

    At Tombow, we believe in the power of creativity. We offer the world’s best products so you can create your best work. Our belief is that our stationery products are tools to express knowledge, creative thinking, new ideas and perspectives. We celebrate diversity and inclusion in everything we do – from the people we employ to the artwork we share on social media. For us, it’s not just about the products but what they inspire you to do. Our brand was founded on the commitment to create tools that redefine common practices and traditions. That’s why we believe diversity drives innovation. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which our community truly feels they can create their best work.

    Environmental Policy

    Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. aims to achieve complete harmony with the global environment in all of our business operations; to contribute to the betterment of the global society through the development, production, and sales of stationery products; while at the same time maintaining a company that is kind to both nature and humanity.

    • Safe products that take into consideration the environment are developed and produced; environmental awareness is communicated through sales.
    • All wastefulness in both products and business is eliminated, and resources and energy are used wisely.
    • Strive to improve the environment and prevent pollution by cooperation both inside and outside the company.


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