Wine Forest Ltd. - Dried Morel Mushrooms


Morchella esculenta, Origin: Montana/Idaho, U.S.A
Few ingredients are more beloved or fleetingly available than morels. Dried morels reconstitute magnificently, maintaining their shape and structure so they can be stuffed, and there are many French chefs who prefer them to fresh. Even a small amount of dried morels rehydrated, sautéed and incorporated into a sauce brings mushroom to the entire meal.
Steaks, chops, or pasta crowned with a luxurious morel sauce can be made anytime with these in your pantry. The small container is the equivalent of over a half a pound of fresh morels, while the larger container equals two pounds fresh.
Wine Forest Dried Morels should be in every kitchen pantry.
1.5 oz.

• Made in United States

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