Wine Forest Ltd. - Dried Porcini #1 Mushrooms


Boletus edulis, Origin: California, U.S.A.
Flavor-loaded dried porcini should be on every single pantry shelf. Our dried porcini are picked and dried here in Northern California. Having our large tube of dried porcini is the equivalent of always having over a pound of fresh porcini or boletes in the house.
Their legendary rich flavor is just a 15 minute water or broth soak away. Once tender they are ready for a quick sauté and to be added to everything, from endless pasta sauces, to soups. Porcini will elevate something as simple as meatloaf into something extraordinary.
Soaking Time to Rehydrate: 15 - 20 minutes
How to rehydrate your dried wild mushrooms.

1.41 oz.

• Made in United States

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