Wine Forest Ltd. - Porcini Powder


Boletus edulis
I use this seasoning more than anything on my spice shelves other than salt and pepper. The luscious flavor of porcini mushrooms is concentrated in this powder of 100% pure porcini. The mushrooms have been thoroughly cleaned before drying, and then milled. This is important, since other mushrooms powders frequently contain grit from the uncleaned mushrooms they are made from. Use this for everything from making gravy, soup & stock, to dusting a rib eye, and infuse all it touches with the richness of porcini.
Suggested Uses:

Blend into gravy, stocks and soups to add the depth of flavor porcini mushroom lends
Coat fish, steaks, birds and chops with this powder as a dry rub a few hours before cooking
Sprinkle into onions and garlic as you sautée to bring dimension to every dish, from spaghetti sauce to mac & cheese
Incorporate into savory baked goods sifting some of it into your flour

Porcini & Cheddar Cheese Wine Crackers

1.75 oz.

• Made in United States

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