ZIA PIA - Cipriani Virgin Bellini 6oz bottles - 4 Pack


Celebrate summer in style with Cipriani Virgin Bellini! Add prosecco for the classic Bellini invented 80 years ago by Cipriani at Harry's Bar in Venice by combining classic white peach and prosecco.

Cipriani non-alcoholic Bellini base can be enjoyed chilled on its own. 

Or you can prepare the following cocktails with this white-peach base as we have for the last 70 years at Harry's Bar in Venice.

The historic Bellini: 50% base and 50% quality Prosecco wine.

The Gin Bellini or Vodka: 70% base and 30% gin or vodka.

The Roger: 50% base, 20% orange juice, 10% lemon juice, 20% white rum.

Get the fabulous taste of a Peach Bellini Italian cocktail right in your own home! Combine Cipriani White Peach Virgin Bellini Mix with your sparkling Italian white wine of choice and you'll be in for a wonderful treat.

Carbonated Beverage with 15% white peach puree.

4 bottles (180ml per bottle)

Product of Italy


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