Gourmet Food Solutions - Flaky Maldon Smoked Sea Salt


Maldon salt is made like no other, there’s an art in temperature and timing. A slow warmth uncovering the water’s secret, with skilled hands poised over every batch. Traditional methods and time honored techniques passed down through the centuries, are the reasons why Maldon salt is so unique.

The pyramid-shaped, delightfully crunchy crystals are characteristics of Maldon, which is recognized the world over as the finest English sea salt available. These flakes release their saltiness with sweet precision, a fresh intensity, and clean taste.

These soft crunchy sea salt flakes add the perfect balance of natural minerals to enhance any dish- sweet or savory. Approved by Organic Food Federation and Kosher certified. Perfect to finish any dish- savory or sweet! 


For over 12 years we’ve worked to provide our customers with high quality, interesting, hard-to-find, food products from all over the world. Our greatest joy is finding the unique and the “not yet known” and making it accessible to the broader market.

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