Kiss That Frog - Carving Set in Wood Box


From France’s Laguiole region, famed for its expertly crafted knives, this carving set is the work of a single master cutler whose craft begins with shaping the handle and concludes with fitting the blade. Handles are available in your choice of amourette wood, buffalo horn, turquoise stone, solid horn or juniper wood. Packaged in a wooden storage case, this showpiece set makes an impressive presentation for carving meats at the table.

  • Sets include carving knife, fork and wooden storage case.
  • Blades are forged from ultrastrong Swedish Sandvik steel.
  • Features the distinctive Laguiole bee on the bolsters.
  • The decorative chasing on the metal spine serves as the signature of the craftsman who made the knife.
  • Amourette set: Handles are handcrafted from amourette, a prized exotic wood from South America also known as snake wood for its distinctive grain markings.
  • Solid Horn set: Handles are handcrafted from solid Nigerian Zebu horn. Knife:
  • Turquoise set: Handles are handcrafted from reconstituted turquoise stone.
  • Buffalo Crust set: Handles are handcrafted from the exterior of the buffalo horn, revealing a subtle texture and rich color variations.
  • Juniper set: Handles are handcrafted from intricately grained juniper wood.

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