Symbiotic Products - Eco Clean Laundry Sheets


Easy to use! Just throw a half-sheet into your washer with the clothing and wash as usual. No bottle, no mess. Just throw a sheet into the wash with your clothes and it completely dissolves as it washes your clothes clean and fresh!

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets are plant-based laundry soap with the cleaning power of natural enzymes, concentrated for zero waste and packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard, no plastic! No wasted recourses and space storing big plastic jugs filled mostly with water. A must for any eco-friendly home's zero waste kit. Packaging is now printed with sustainable Algae Ink!

And they work great! We at SymbioticProducts didn't only choose this plant-based formula because of its environmental and health benefits. Still, it also happens to work as well or better than the leading brands. We have been testing it on our own clothes for months now. I was surprised by how well it works, and it smells great too! Not too strong, not like chemicals, just natural and nice. They work great in all washers...including HE.

Sustainability is the name of our game here at SymbioticProducts. We stock only products that work with the earth and not against it. Eco Clean Sheets fit the bill to a T.

No plastic, no harsh chemicals, no animal testing, and 100% vegan.
No 1.4 dioxane
No phosphates
No optical brighteners

50 Sheets, up to 100 Loads

Natural, Plant-Based Ingredients:
Coconut Oil Alcohol
Glycerin (a natural textural additive)
Deionized Water
Essential Oil
Coconut Oil extract
Plant-derived (Coconut) Polyvinyl Alcohol
(Our PVA is pharmaceutical grade (quality, and safe for human touch), plant-based (from coconut, not from petroleum), biodegradable, commercial and back-yard compostable, and thus is not a source of micro-plastic pollution.)

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