Tait Farm - Cranberry Mustard


Our Cranberry Mustard is a mouth full of sweet heat and fabulous alternative to mayo at holiday time! It's as much a dipping mustard, as it is a sandwich spread and as the recipe card reveals, we love it on a grilled sandwich on a cold winter day. The fresh, tart flavor of cranberries, combined with the piquant zing of mustard gives this product a deliciously festive taste. So break out the pretzels and let the party begin! 9 oz size.


In 1987 when a bumper crop of raspberries were threatened by a driving rain storm, necessity gave way to invention and Tait Farm’s Raspberry Shrub was born! Since that time Tait Farm Foods has grown to more than 55 all-natural specialty food products. Each product is made by hand in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients. We support our retail partners with beautiful marketing materials. Bon AppeTait!

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